Datarelease data access

sFTP/SCP access

To download data using a sFTP/SCP file transfer client such as WinSCP, FileZilla, or Cyberduck, connect to the server with your UMN InternetID. You will be in your user account's home directory after logging in. Navigate up a folder to your group home directory, then to the data_release folder (/home/GROUPNAME/data_release/umgc). You will find a hiseq, miseq, novaseq, or sequel folder containing your datasets.
Detailed instructions: WinSCP FileZilla

Web browser access

To view analysis reports and download data using your web browser, visit You will be prompted to log in with your InternetID. If your account is a member of more than one MSI group you will be prompted to select a group. You will only be able to access data for the group you select. Web browser acces is restricted to on-campus computers. If you are off-campus you will need to first connect to the UMN VPN.

Galaxy access

If you would like a dataset available in your MSI galaxy space, please forward the release email to changing the subject to 'Galaxy: link NGS data to Data Library'. Be sure to specify which MSI user accounts should have Galaxy access.